Spinal meningiomas

Radiosurgery is a very gentle and extremely accurate method for the treatment of malignant and benign tumors throughout the body, so the Cyberknife also treats spinal meningiomas very reliably.

Radiosurgery can be used very well for treating spinal cord lesions when there is no operative indication. The Cyberknife system is technically very accurate and can hit a tumor to less than one millimeter exactly. This precision is especially important in the treatment of tumors along the whole spine. This way, the delicate tissue is optimally protected.

When patients who are at increased risk for surgery meet the indication criteria (small tumors), they can often be treated well with Cyberknife. For patients, usually only a single treatment session is necessary to effectively eliminate the tumor.

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Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Muacevic
Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

Dr. med. Alfred Haidenberger
Radio Oncology Specialist

Dr. med. Markus Kufeld
Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

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