Natasha H. McD.
Natasha H. McD., 68
Ljubljana (Slowenien)
Diagnose Hirntumor (Meningeom)
Cyberknife treatment 2015

My brain is my personality. That was why I wanted a safe and effective treatment with no post-operative side-effects for my meningioma. On leaving the Cyberknife center after treatment, I was even able to go on a sight-seeing tour of Munich.

Ronald H.
Ronald H., 72
Diagnose Prostatakarzinom
Cyberknife treatment 2012

Cyberknife treatment for my prostate cancer maintained the quality of my life. At the time, my greatest concerns and fears were that cancer treatment would mean having to deal with serious and onerous complications as a result. But I was able to continue with my normal daily routine immediately after Cyberknife treatment. Today – several years after treatment – my PSA values are below 1ng/dl and I am in good physical shape.

Ute H
Ute H, 46
Munich, Germany
Diagnose Arteriovenöse Malformation
Cyberknife treatment 2007

I experienced no adverse effects from outpatient treatment for a brain angioma and travelled home by tube immediately afterwards. I had no side effects whatsoever and found it amazing that I notice no symptoms at all, neither at the time, nor up to the present day – more than eight years after treatment. No one needs to be anxious about Cyberknife treatment.

Johannes W
Johannes W, 52
Götzis (Austria)
Acoustic neuroma
Cyberknife treatment 2006

Cyberknife treatment for an acoustic neuroma allowed me to continue with my hobbies mountain biking and climbing shortly afterwards. Treatment was entirely pain-free and I was able to travel home to Austria immediately afterwards. I'm really glad to have been able to avoid major brain surgery and a long physical recovery period. That was several years ago, and I'm still going strong.

Iden J.
Iden J., 38
Diagnosis Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
Cyberknife treatment 2005

"All the other physicians whom I consulted refused my treatment of my large AVM. The physicians from the Cyberknife center gave me new courage. My symptoms such as impaired concentration, severe headache and convulsions in the leg were gone within the first 3 months after Cyberknife treatment. I am glad to have had the Cyberknife treatment.


Iden J. (Munich, Germany)

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