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Treatment indications

With the Cyberknife system, all tumors that meet the relatively stringent indication criteria for radiosurgery can be treated.

Health insurance and reimbursement

With a large part of the health insurance companies there are direct agreements to cover the costs for a Cyberknife treatment.

User reviews

In the run-up to treatment, many patients have a variety of fears and questions. Here you can exchange experiences and discuss with patients who have already completed the treatment.

Treatment procedure

The course of treatment includes a first interview, imaging, treatment planning, actual precision radiation, and routine check-ups.


Cyberknife Radiosurgery is a highly accurate, painless, robotic precision irradiation that, in certain cases, can be used as an alternative or complement to an open surgical procedure.


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You are welcome to send us your patient information to have them reviewed confidentially by our Cyberknife experts.

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