Cyberknife team

Prof. Alexander Muacevic 2015

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Muacevic
Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

Dr. Haidenberger 2015

Dr. med. Alfred Haidenberge
Radiation Oncologist

Dr. med. Markus Kufeld
Radiosurgeon - Neurosurgeon

Our Team:

Christoph Fuerweger 2015

Dr. techn. Christoph Fürweger
Chief Medical Physicist

malenoff 2015

Nadja Malenoff
Office Management, Communications

heidorn 2015

Dr. rer. nat. Sarah-Charlotta Heidorn
Medical Physicist

breuning 2015

Dipl.-Kauffr. (FH) Renate Breuning

Theresa Hofmann, M.Sc.
Medical Physicist

bunica 2015

Dipl.-Biol. Odette Bunica
Clinical Assistance

himmerich 2015

Stefanie Himmerich
Technical Assistance

Michael Fedorov 2015

Dr. med. Michael Fedorov
International Patients

scherieble 2015

Sandra Scherieble
Technical Assistance

Xiaoli Wang 2016

Xiaoli Wang
International Patients (China)

Kerrin Jacobsen
Technical Assistance

Karola Schulz Portrait

Karola Schulz
Office and Quality Management

Portrait Thomai Bartzoka

Thomai Bartzoka
Office and Reception

trost 2015

Melanie Trost
Office and Reception

Sandra Mitrovic
Office and Reception

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