Innovative technique - outpatient cancer therapy

Safe, accurate and painfree

Cyberknife offers an innovative and evidence based treatment alternative for a variety of tumors throughout the body. Patient movement is automatically detected and corrected up to sub-millimetre accuracy. Using this ultra fast correction technology it is possible to provide high precision radiosurgical treatment of tumors without invasive fixing of the head or other regions of the body.

The Munich Cyberknife Center has been using the innovative CyberKnife® M6™ System since 2012. With the adoption of the new InCise 2 MLC, the Munich CyberKnife Center continues to provide its patients with cutting-edge treatments.

The Munich Cyberknife Center has a professional experience of more than 8000 treatments. It is a cooperation Center of the two largest University Hospitals in Germany (University Hospital of Munich and University Hospital Charite Berlin).

Cyberknife offers pain free, patient friendly, outpatient surgery. Instead of a real knife the robotic radiation device delivers energy with highest precision to destroy tumor tissue while maximally sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

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Proven technology

How does Cyberknife work?
The Cyberknife system is a novel, revolutionary achievement in the medical field - it combines two modern advancements in medical high technology.

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Treatment Center

The Cyberknife Centre Munich is the most modern radiosurgical facility in Germany. The Cyberknife Centre is a co-operation with the University Hospital Munich.

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