Publications 07.01.2015

Future Oncology

A. Mahadevan, R. Bucholz, A.M. Gaya, J.J. Kresl, C. Mantz, D.J. Minnich, A. Muacevic, C. Medbery 3rd, J. Yang, H. Basak Caglar, J.N. Davis. Best of the Radiosurgery Society® Scientific Meeting 2014: stereotactic...

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Publications 09.09.2014

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

C. Fürweger, C. Drexler, A. Muacevic, B. Wowra, E.C. de Klerck, M.S. Hoogeman. CyberKnife robotic spinal radiosurgery in prone position: dosimetric advantage due to posterior radiation access?

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Publications 14.08.2014

Journal of Urology

Single-fraction radiosurgery for the treatment of renal tumors. Staehler M., Bader M., Schlenker B., Casuscelli J., Karl A., Roosen A., Stief C.G., Bex A., Wowra B., Muacevic A. Die Einzeitbehandlung von Nierentumoren mit...

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Publications 01.08.2014

European Journal of Radiology

MRI evidence for preserved regulation of intracranial pressure in patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformations. Meinel F.G., Fischer J., Pomschar A., Wöhrle N., Koerte I.K., Steffinger D., Laubender R.P., Muacevic A.,...

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Publications 20.05.2014

Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology

CT fluoroscopy-guided percutaneous fiducial marker placement for CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery: technical results and complications in 222 consecutive procedures. Trumm C.G., Häussler SM., Muacevic A., Stahl R., Stintzing...

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Publications 17.04.2014

Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment

Diffusion-weighted MRI Before and After Robotic Radiosurgery (Cyberknife) in Primary and Secondary Liver Malignancies: A Pilot Study. Schmid-Tannwald C., Strobl F.F., Theisen D., Muacevic A., Stintzing S., Reiser M.F., Trumm C.G.

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Publications 10.04.2014

Medical Physics

Multi-criteria optimization of the spatial dose distribution. A. Schlaefer, T. Viulet, A. Muacevic, C. Fürweger. A novel method for treatment planning enables optimization of the local dose distribution in real-time.

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Publications 06.12.2013

Melanoma Research

Quality of life in the follow-up of uveal melanoma patients after CyberKnife treatment. A. Klingenstein, C. Fürweger, MM. Nentwich, UC. Schaller, PI. Foerster, B. Wowra, A. Muacevic, KH. Eibl.

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Publications 02.07.2013

Acta Oncologica

Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) or robotic radiosurgery (RRS) for salvage treatment of colorectal liver metastases. S. Stintzing, A. Grothe, S. Hendrich, R. Hoffmann, V. Heinemann, M Rentsch, C. Fürweger, A. Muacevic &...

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Publications 09.08.2012

Cureus - Online Medical Publishing

Twenty-six years follow up of bronchio-alveolar lung cancer using local surgical and repeated radiation techniques. R. Wilkowski, A. Muacevic, C. Fürweger. Local treatment of non small cell lung cancer over an extended period can...

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